About Fred Sines

Maurice Fred Sines is a highly- skilled entrepreneur and businessman. He currently serves as the Company Director of the Sines Parks Home Group. Fred has been intrigued by the business world since he was a young boy when he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and namesake. He dropped out of school at only sixteen to manage his father’s nursery. His career took off from there, and just two years later he’d saved up enough money to begin investing in parks. Ever since then, he’s worked his way up to becoming a leader in the industry.

Today Fred Sines works from the office of Pilgrims Retreat, one of the many Sines Parks. His company brings more than four decades of experience to help their many happy customers. The group prides themselves on helping their customers create their dream home in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The parks are known around the UK for their luxurious amenities, friendly staff, and welcoming atmosphere.

Despite his great success in his business, Fred Sines is not a believer in all work and no play. In his spare time, he loves driving his luxury sports vehicles or playing his game of choice, golf. He also enjoys visiting other countries, such as Dubai. In addition to being a sportsman, he is also a very dedicated husband and loving father.

Learn more about Fred Sines at FredSines.co.uk.

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